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Live with style #1

with Céline Marks

Céline Marks


A photographer and blogger trained in graphic arts, Céline Marks uses her skills  to help others and to capture their creations or the most beautiful times of their lives.

We liked the style, eye, personality (and a beagle named Charlie) of this hyperactive thirty-something and decided to offer our help in the makeover of her beautiful apartment, just outside of Paris.


Jean-Pierre Lagain


Jean-Pierre, scénographe d'Habitat a travaillé en étroite collaboration avec Céline pour lui proposer un salon à la hauteur de ses nouvelles envies



Céline’s shopping list 

-  Ivan tray


Pure thermal cotton neroli candle

- Wallpaper : pattern designed by Habitat Design Studio, a preview of the 2017 Fall-Winter collection

Bocksey shelving unit with oak, walnut and maple modules


- Posada sofa with chaise longue


The challenge ?

Making her living-room more « adult-like ». Made of bits and pieces, she personally found it too "tinkered" and poorly structured. Cluttered with objects accumulated over years of traveling and working, she wanted to make the best out of her  beautiful space.

Here is Céline's apartment before.

In a few hours, the Habitat dream team transformed the Céline's apartment, under the benevolent but close eye of Charlie !

And here is the metamorphose ! 

Our tips


Bocksey's modularity

Make up your own piece of furniture.  The Bocksey shelving unit is entirely modular, and easily adapts to your tastes, your space and your needs. Here, Céline opted for a staircase structure, the lower part of which can be used for mail, money and keys and doesn’t clutter up the small entrance.


Have you always dreamed of perking up a room in your apartment by adding color to it, but never went for it ? You are a tenant and do not want or cannot commit to renovating your place? Or, quite simply, worried that you’ll get tired of it, you prefer to stick to an ephemeral decorating style so you can change it according to your mood and the seasons ? For Céline, we simply covered a wood panel with wallpaper (here, the pattern was designed by Habitat Design Studio and is a preview of the 2017 Fall-Winter collection), which can be changed and moved at will.

Small  furniture : not always a good idea

Remember your apartment’s first visit? Remember that it didn’t look so big when it was still empty and remember how spacious it felt like once all furniture had been laid out ? So it’s just a matter of perception ! The same paradox makes it very often preferable (unless the size of your room really does not allow it) to choose large pieces of furniture over small ones.  In the end, small furniture will make your space smaller. Here, Céline chose to go for the generous dimensions of the Bocksey unit and the Posada sofa. The result is a perfectly structured living-room.

Find Céline on her website :

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