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What kind of Christmas are you?

A dazzling Christmas

You’re a romantic and you like beautiful things : you dream of Christmas under a clear sky stung with golden stars, you dream of the night of the Great North. Protected from the wind of the steppe, you let your sled take you at random, along the immaculate metallic stretches of land...


Your inspiration?

The dazzling Christmas collection, whose shades of gold and silver recall the frosted crystals that cover the trees, come early morning. For a romantic and sparkling New Year's Eve.

Natural design

You love the holiday season. Beware though : your sleek home won’t turn into Santa's Village, flashing garlands and rainbow balls. Quite the opposite actually. You aspire to a minimalist harmony and admire the natural perfection of the marriage between firewood and snow.


Your inspiration?

The Natural Design Collection : chic, authentic and simple. Just like your living room, the collection combines raw wood with white and beige tones. It’s embellished by a festive touch of gold and maintains both a traditional and modern atmosphere. 

Our favorite !

Village / Musical box

A traditional Christmas

The Christmas tree has been sitting in your house from the first day of the Advent calendar. Your home is warm; spice scented candles are spread around. One can already hear Christimas carols in the background.  This year (like previous years), you’re the host of the party and getting your home ready for your guests is your most beautiful gift!


Your inspiration?

The traditional Christmas collection, festive, joyful and true to the traditional colors and themes of everlasting Christmas. On the tree: candy cane, gingerbread and small reindeers are adorned with gold, red and green. They’re the promise of a warm and magical evening, like those of our childhood. But shhh ... Can you herar something coming from the fireplace ? 

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