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The wallpapers


Wallpapers have long been considered outdated or appropriate only in the kids’ bedroom. Now, they’re making a comeback as one of the trends of the season and, like cement tiles, they’re everywhere ! They show tremendous creativity in both patterns and uses. They contribute to creating different atmospheres in every room of the house either as a final touch to your decor or as a true immersive experience.


Following this trend, Habitat introduces a collection of 10 exclusive designs of various inspirations, created by our Design Studio. Poetic, graphic, artsy, organic, figurative or conceptual ... When the art of drawing meets that of design, it’s your whole decor that reinvents itself.




Let’s take a look at our signature patterns created by

Floriane Jacques & Florinda Sandri.




The Garice floral pattern is made of cut and pasted pieces of paper to create a rich, graphic, fun and poetic decor. We like its soothing, soft and warm colors and its artsy and natural style, which gives a breath of fresh air to a bedroom or a living room. Its curves and patches of solid colors blend perfectly with the clean lines of contemporary furniture or with colorblocks in constrast.


Design by Floriane Jacques



A mouth ? An eye ? A shell ? A leaf ? Resolutely graphic, Octave's curved lines form a myriad of hypnotic patterns, leaving room to the imagination. In black and white, inspired by both wax and the Art Deco period, Octave creates a very artsy atmosphere and blends perfectly, in a living room or an office, with contemporary furniture and a colorful decor. It works well in small spaces as well as in big ones and fits ideally with a bright or deep colored couch. We will add spots of lighting in small touches to reveal the playful complexity of its pattern.


Design by Floriane Jacques



Warm, deep colors and nocturnal blues lit by notes of bright orange and green, make up a fantastic palm grove where birds nest, straight out of an Indian tale ... Generous and inspiring, Armel brings a mysterious note to a bedroom or a living room. Lit only by a bedside lamp as soft as the moonlight, one reads or falls asleep in a paper jungle. Dreamlike, Armel brings a warm final touch near the bed of a dreamy child.

So as to not be too overwhelming, use very simple furniture in contrast, in natural wood for example, or add a light gray sofa with touches of gold or copper, and of course, flowers or plants as a nod to the vegetal patterns.


Design Floriane Jacques



Resolutely mineral, Roma is inspired by “terrazzo”, or “granito”. Made of chippings of natural stone and of marble mixed with cement that is then polished, this "new marble" is a very old type of flooring. It notably can be found in Venetian palaces but also in France where it was very popular in the 50s, before falling into disuse. Zooming in on the material, Roman is an ode to minerality; it recalls slate, coal and clay, in an elegantly deconstructed pattern.

In the living room, it wil work with stylish furniture and decor, with wood, metal (silver or gold), stone, glass, and of course, in the blink of an eye, a discreet touch of marble.


Design by Florinda Sandri



Vegetal and abstract, Lysandre brings together patterns with sparkling, vibrant and fresh colors. Bright, naive and spontaneous like a sketch inspired by a tropical landscape, cheering up an entrance, or pleasantly dressing a room with little to no furniture or part of a wall in a small space. Bright and light, it goes well with light wood furniture and small touches of color: a yellow armchair, a red vase, a green plant ... An invigorating cure to help face cheerfully the return of cold temperatures.


Design by Floriane Jacques



Ferns against a forest green background, where shades of blue are superimposed in transparency, forming feathers as on a wax fabric. Organic and mineral, generous and soothing, timeless colors (green is making a comeback this fall): Malia creates an inspiring vegetal atmosphere and finds its place in a bedroom, a living room or an office. Works well with furniture in light or dark wood. Don’t be shy and play with contrasts by using urban materials like concrete, metal, glass ...


Design by Floriane Jacques


Flowers in bloom for this spring inspired pattern with a minimalist look. Black and white lines are entangled to reveal a sophisticated structure. Avril gives your walls a very couture note, and is remarkably elegant. You can put it on a whole section of the wall in contrast with a single color (as shown in photo).

It naturally finds its place on the walls of a living room and accommodates both contemporary furniture and more classic pieces. Its understated class goes with all styles and will show off, for example, a velvet sofa with intense colors such as green - color of the season - golden yellow or deep blue.


Design by Florinda Sandri


Like cells created by a set of cleverly interwoven pieces and available in contrasting colors, Marcel unfolds in a hypnotic pattern made of cavities and hills. Trompe l’oeil inspired by architectural motifs, subtly pop, Marcel looks like cement tiles and like them, finds its place throughout the house. Timeless, with its geometric structure, it blends in with contemporary or vintage furniture - an antique buffet with curved lines or a generous leather sofa, a rattan armchair or a marble coffee table. On a piece of wall, associated with a vegetal decor, it recalls the vines of a garden or a veranda.


Design by Floriane Jacques


Poetic and fresh, Marjolaine is one of the signature patterns of the season and is inspired by the Arctic flora of the Icelandic tundra. The painted watercolor gives it a vaporous touch, and recalls the mist surrounding the Icelandic landscape.  The delicate contrasting touches of a bright and tender color palette pay tribute to wild geraniums, Alpine gentians and azaleas, which live among moss and lichen. A modern version of yesteryear’s floral wallpapers, Marjolaine finds its place in the bedroom or in the living room and brings a fun and romantic touch to your interior. It adds color to a gray sofa or light wood furniture, and works well with a felt or velvet armchair in an intense color.


Design by Floriane Jacques



Curves and blue vertical hatched waves, Marin swirls like the depths of the ocean. Hardwood floors become the deck of a ship! Let yourself be carried away by its currents, in the office to find inspiration, or in the bedroom, to escape to a distant place. In the living room, it’s paired with natural materials - wood, leather, marble ... - and other shades of blue or complementary colors like yellow. Naturally bright, it shows its splendor in a well-lit room.


Design by Floriane Jacques

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