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The sofa: the centrepiece of any living room

Different types of sofas

Definition: a long seat with a backrest and armrests able to seat several people.

(If we go back to the 17th century we find: ottomans, basket-shaped sofas, love seats, etc.).


A sofa or couch in the USA usually refers to a comfortable piece of furniture able to seat two or more people and usually has a backrest and armrests at each end unlike a divan which has neither. Sofas come in all shapes and sizes: traditional, corner, sectional, convertible, contemporary and can be made from fabric, leather or synthetic materials.


When it can be converted for use as a bed, it is known as a 'sofa-bed' or 'click-clack'.


In the United Kingdom, the term 'three-piece suite' is often used to describe a furniture set consisting of a sofa and two matching armchairs.

Living rooms have become multi-functional, combining different living spaces in one area: kitchen and dining area, living space and library, home cinema, etc.

How can you create clever partitions without blocking out the light? Of course, you could opt to use a screen, a free-standing bookcase, a living wall, a kitchen island... but what about using your sofa?



Whatever look you're aiming for, if you want to create interest and movement then knowing how to mix styles is key. With or without armrests? Larger armrests provide a good surface on which to rest your tablet or laptop. But whatever your lifestyle, it's a safe bet that it will involve a sofa!


So, what role do sofas play?

Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that the key piece in any living room is the sofa. This is because sofas naturally partition and mark out space. As soon as it's positioned, your sofa influences every aspect of your living room. Whether it's placed against a wall or with its back against a table, it affects how your home's inhabitants make use of different areas. Corner sofas (whether sectional or not) instantly configure space; just add armchairs and pouffes to complete the square. Sofas can come with two, three or four seats and may be modular; combine different styles or add a daybed to create a comfortable living space.



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