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Summer garden - your own little patch of green in the city 

Make sure you take full advantage of this highly prized urban space: the city garden. Why not transform your no man's land (or nearly) into a secret green oasis? Gardens are just made for relaxing and good conversation. Simply add assorted pieces of furniture such as a director's chair, a chaise longue, a small folding table, etc. Cover the ground with rugs, straw beach mats and cushions. 


Looking for peace and quiet? Ensure your privacy by creating a plant barrier or erecting a trellis and training creepers up it. Transform your outdoor space into a sun room by adding a teak chaise longue, a few throws (instead of towels) and vintage cushions with floral patterns in keeping with the garden theme. Now, lie back, relax, close your eyes and enjoy the sun in complete privacy.


Summer garden - winter garden


Winter garden aka a conservatory

Bringing the outside inside - this is the concept of conservatories, verandas and loggias. Here, the large expanses of glass should not be covered with curtains or blinds. With an unobstructed view over the garden, sit back and recharge your batteries as you contemplate the greenery outside.


Add a few pedestal tables and assorted chairs and you have yourself your very own jungle café. Grow plants and flowers and surround yourself with lush vegetation. Opt for structured and coloured furniture to add a touch of cheer to your inside-outside winter garden.

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