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My first desk

All those who used to play school at home, raise your hands! If you're a fan of vintage, you must have noticed the Back-to-School trend going on in the home with canteen style tables and chairs made from pale wood and coloured metal. Habitat Studio has designed the Hester range for kids, who’ll love the rounded shapes and bright colours.

This little desk is reminiscent of old school desks with its compartments in which to keep pens, books and secrets. And how about this clever little round table with integrated storage, which kids can sit at to draw or do their homework. For a desk that will 'grow' with your child, choose a modular solution with boards and trestles that can be adjusted as your child's needs (and height!) change.

Consider creating a traditional blackboard using a pot of blackboard paint, which you can apply to the floor or a wall. Your kids will enjoy getting creative and you'll enjoy not having to clean the walls every week. 


In small spaces, modular and foldable furniture works best: Habitat Studio has designed a simple yet ingenious fold-away wall desk, which can be installed in a hallway, living room or child's bedroom (it comes in two sizes). As a busy parent, wouldn't you appreciate the practical slot on top of the desk in which to keep your letters? As a smart parent, wouldn't you like to give your child more space to play and practise their starring role in the school play? A studious atmosphere is good, but it's even better when it's fun and original!


So have fun, get creative and be inspired. But save a space for the toy box, this room belongs to a child after all...

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