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I’m getting a new

desk !

Nowadays, we change jobs frequently. Lifestyles and office life change as well ... With the growing importance of freelancing and telecommuting, more than ever, our desk space (not in the office but in the home) occupies a central place in our lives. Can our "home office" replace our "office life"?

A desk can be used in many ways : on a daily basis, to finish a project at home one night, for household accounting work, or to refine a future novel . More than anything, it stands out as the centerpiece of the fall season.

It can be set up in another space - a bedroom or living room, in an entrance or landing - or have its dedicated room.


A great companion throughout the year, our future desk deserves to be picked with as much care as a bed or a sofa, based on our tastes, our needs and our habits.

There are as many desks as there are uses and users, lifestyles and homes.


Below is a small guide to find your own at Habitat.

In what context ?

Khali, solid oak desk

Small  space

In a small space, or in the living room next to the sofa, we check if the dimensions are right of course, but also if the piece is practical (if it can be used for different purposes or serve as storage furniture...) and pleasing to the eye. If your place of work is also your home and your desk is almost always in your field of vision, you better choose it carefully!

The St James desk, for example, looks like a retro-chic designer console, with a sliding shelf that increases the size of its work surface. Just like Henio, a reinterpretation of the old school writing desks, St James will fit perfectly in the entrance or the living room. 

More minimalist, we like the industrial look of Mell, with its black metal legs, or the natural look of Sten in glass and oak. 

For a more Scandinavian look, the Farringdon and Greta desks come with smart storage compartments and combine aesthetics, compactness and functionality. 


Finally, if your office has to fit in a really small space or if you use it only occasionally, the hanging writing desk Influence will be your best ally. It can be combined (or not) with shelves of the same range, which will accomodate books and files.

Influence, oak box for adjustable storage

It’s your world !

If you have a room dedicated to your office, you can do anything! You’re probably working or creating (or both) regularly, if not daily, from home. Maybe that’s also where you find inspiration to arrange your workplace.

Your office is both a studious and zen space. It is practical and inspiring. It must be a welcoming place, where you feel comfortable working but also reading, resting or being alone. Aside from the desk, feel free to arrange a small cocoon-like corner, with a cosy armchair or a sofa (or even a sofa bed to turn the space into a guest room). Choose soft and indirect lighting and the right desk lamp: your eyes will thank you.

Myrra, oak desk Design by Hélèna Pille 

Henry, oak desk -  Design by Joachim Jirou-Najou

Beckett, oak and leather desk

Our catalog offers many different options for larger spaces. 

Among the newer pieces, a favorite is the Myrra desk, a creation of Héléna Pille for Habitat Design Studio. The  curved structure, composed of openwork slats and supporting a base that seems suspended, give it a very architectural look. 

A large workspace, noble materials, pure lines that open on one side on a leather desk pad, and on the other on large drawers to store supplies and personal belongings, Gerry is a piece of sophisticated design that’s as elegant as it is practical.


Another combination of noble materials, the Beckett desk, now a Habitat classic, is chic and stylish. It looks like a piece from the 1950s, yet it has all the attributes of a modern piece (and even ultra modern), and now comes with storage boxes.

Designer Joachim Jirou-Najou revisited school desks with the Henry: a large writing desk, with subtle details and discreetly complex lines. There is also a compact version without drawers.

Decoration ?

To find inspiration (or just sometimes, motivation) and “own” the space, you need to add your own personal touch.


This season, brighten up your desk with designer Floriane Jacques’ Madeline capsule collection, made of accessories with patterns mixing pastel and more intense colors, and kaleidoscopic, joyful and graphic shapes

For a stylish and original touch…

Marco, the storage collection is made of natural wood and the Paper cases and baskets are made of kraft paper.


This season, Habitat brings you a large selection of beautiful desks just in time for the school season.

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