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It’s hygge time

Temperatures are falling sharply, the sun is diving behind the horizon in less time than it takes to roll up in a blanket. Even the snow wants a part of the action ... In our temperate lands, the first snow flakes are welcomed with the same enthusiasm as the first buds but our love for winter rarely goes beyond that.

Yet elsewhere, where the cold is the rule and the winter sun is a rare commodity, we learn not to let ourselves be defeated by the low temperatures and the lack of light. In Denmark, the secret is called hygge (pronounced "huggu-eu"), a word that can hardly be translated, and which expresses (approximately) the intense sensation of well-being experienced when coming home after the cold to a warm place and to your loved ones. In short, cocooning becomes a way of life!

Some tips to put some hygge in your design.


Ignore the icy wind blowing outside and embrace the sweet warmth of your interior.

All set? Remove your parka, beanie, scarf, mittens and boots, and warm your feet on the soft living-room carpet. In wool (of course), we choose a thick and very soft carpet. Go for a large size carpet or buy a few smaller ones – combine a wool carpet with sheepskin for example. If you do not have a fireplace - a very hygge accessory - in your home, pick a corner and add cushions; relax with a book and a cup of seasonally spiced tea.

Design is like clothing: come winter, we like to accumulate the protective layers to build a soft, warm and comfortable cocoon. We also love beautiful materials and colors as pale as snow or as dark as night, we love patterns that remind us of nature while we are pleasantly caulked inside. All in all, winter is the season of a thousand shades of white but also that of the mix'n'match, it’s the season of simplicity and accumulation - to add to the holiday spirit, choose subtly kitschy, warm, comforting and festive accessories like snow globes and Christmas sweaters.


Do not be afraid of overloading your sofa with soft cushions and jacquard or Irish style knitted blankets. These indispensable accessories will also find a home on your bed, at the foot of which you can set a small carpet, should the mornings get cold.



The table

Hygge, also means indulging in comfort food - or in (homemade) sweets with hot tea among friends. We focus on simplicity and authenticity: simple and functional white tableware, mugs large enough to warm your hands, artisanal dishes made with natural materials and timeless design...

Save the tablecloth for special evenings and choose placemats that let you see the wood of the table for more convivial and intimate moments - in the candlelight of course.


Idylle rug and the famous Concetta tea set.  Habitat


For naturally, hygge can only come to life in the warm candlelight. The Advent candles, of course, are lit on the last four Sundays before Christmas. The other candles’ trembling flames bring a cozy feel to your winter evenings. We like wooden, metal or graphic-like ceramic candlesticks, or simple tealight holders. We spread them out in a room, on their own or in small “poetic” circles, to attract the eye and create heat and volume.


Natural or scented? Spicy or woody? Fruity ? In winter, we like sweet fragrances, highlighting the delicacies of the season: dry fruit, spiced tea, citrus fruit... Or more intense fragrances, such as “Christmas Tree Forest” or “Firewood”, resin or myrrh.





The lighting

When natural light comes down, the lighting in the house slowly takes over, to create an intimate and comforting atmosphere specific to hygge. Above the sofa, an arc-shaped floor lamp provides a haven of warm light to chat and have tea. Meanwhile, small table lamps are arranged here and there at different heights (on a coffee table, on a sideboard, a bookcase or even on the floor) to provide points of indirect light like candles would. And since Christmas is around the corner, feel free to add garlands or shiny stars and wait patiently before it’s time to open the gifts.




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So ? Ready to make friends with the cold ?



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