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For small spaces

A large studio or a small loft apartment, a pied-a-terre or a first apartment, a share or an old cramped apartment... Quite often, the size of the city is inversely proportional to that of its housing and many are the city dwellers having to contend with a small space or having to share it.

If your space is modest in size, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t furnish it. On the contrary, nothing seems smaller than an empty or neglected space. Feel free to furnish your space…but not in any way.


This season, at Habitat, we are adapting to the inconveniences of a small space to offer a modular, evolving, innovative and aesthetic design thus saving, structuring and opening the space and turning it into a beautiful space.

Modular furniture

Innovative, adaptable and versatile, our modular furniture can be customized, precisely to meet your needs and your space. Adaptable and stylish, they’ll naturally fit in all types of spaces, big or small.


At Habitat, the fall will see a lot of modular furniture, starting with Oteo, a storage unit created by the German design studio Kaschkasch.


Made of wooden boxes, with or without bottom, closed or open with sliding metal doors, they can be customized as you please. Sideboard or bookcase, or both (plates can be placed in a closed compartment while books and trinkets are in sight), Oteo adapts to all spaces and all lifestyles.

Oteo, modular storage box, Design by Kaschkasch


Designed by Hélèna Pille for Habitat Design Studio, a new piece this season, Macao is a fun and elegant modular storage unit, which can store books, trinkets or tableware. Cube box, storage box, vertical, horizontal, closed or open, available in oak or walnut, in ochre, ocean blue or white…


feel free to build your own composition !

Macao, modular storage unit Design by Hélèna Pille

Folding and unfolding

To avoid having dinner on the sofa, folding tables are indispensable in small spaces. Even folded in the corner of the living-room or in the kitchenette, they do take up space. Habitat designers have tried to resolve this thorny issue.


Thanks to its intelligent well-thought out modular design, Malen, the folding oak table created by Hélèna Pille for Habitat Design Studio, fits well in small spaces. You can use it as a sidetable when the flaps are folded.


Discreet but practical and stylish, it comes with a drawer, a bar and has some storage space and can fit anywhere. Unfolded, it becomes a stylish table, which can accommodate up to six guests

Malen, collapsible oak table Design by Hélèna Pille


Another foldable table is Pivot, created by Gonçalo Campos. This fun and stylish piece plays with space as much as space plays with it. Unfolded, it turns into a round table; it has a black flap that gives it a unique look, which contrasts with the natural wood. Folded, it turns into a stylish, practical, and original round sideboard.


To go with it, we chose the Hester chairs: with their resolutely “back to school” look, they are perfect for the season.

Pivot, black and oak folding table Design by Gonçalo Campos and Hester chairs in oak.


Do you have a preference for coffee tables ? Are you looking for a beautiful but multi-use piece, which won’t take up too much room ? Created by Habitat Design Studio, the set of three nesting tables Marel is designed for all spaces, and specifically for smaller ones.


With their solid oak structure and tempered glass top, these tables will each find their use: the smaller one can be a bedside table, use the middle one to put down your phone or remote controls  and the larger one as a coffee table. The Marel nesting tables are very popular because they can be put away in the blink of an eye and they don’t take up too much space !

Marel, tempered glass and oak nesting tables

Structure and open space

In order to give volume to a small room, you have to open and structure the space. Mission impossible ? Not for these very functional pieces! Discreet and stylish, they are designed to make your life easier and open your horizons.


With Miceo, your wardrobe is out of the closet !


Created by Gaston Lobet for Habitat Design Studio, this hybrid piece of furniture is made of a rack and modular boxes. It can be placed against the wall or in the middle of a studio apartment to separate the bedroom from the living-room for example. Thin and light, empty and full, it structures the space and lets the light in.

Miceo, storage furniture in oak Design by Gaston Lobet


Immaculate and light, the Leaf bookcase simply appears on the wall and has nothing to hide.


Each compartment is of different size and has no bottom panel. With its timeless design, it will showcase books and decorative objects in a harmonious way. The shelves are put together using a specific technique called "wing of the aircraft" : the honeycomb panels are slightly curved. This technique gives the bookcase a very refined look and provide optimal solidity.


A slender and simple piece and a real breath of fresh air for small spaces.

Leaf, tall walnut shelving unit

Small is beautifull

Just like large spaces, the smaller ones are entitled to confort. The smaller the space, the more attention needs to be paid when it comes to furniture and design. If you live in a studio apartment, treat yourself to beautiful and functional pieces that will best fit your interior.


Small is beautiful is best illustrated with the toad armchair Bold, a staple at Habitat for many years.


Bold is always stylish and fits in all spaces, even the smallest ones. Blue, yellow, grey…


This season, it is also available in our floral print Marjolaine, a pattern created by designer and illustrator Floriane Jacques. It’s a pattern that brings colors and poetry to every interior

Bold, Marjolaine patterned fabric armchair Design by Floriane Jacques


Both practical and decorative, in the hallway, the living-room, or even in the bathroom, the ladder Skala was created by Habitat Design Studio.


With its minimalist lines, it doesn’t clutter the space. Spicy colors like rubis red or orange contrast with the natural ash or black base for a contemporary and simple look. Stylish coathanger in a small hallway or in the living-room, clothing rack in the bedroom or in the bathroom, Skala has more than one trick up its sleeve!

Skala, clothing rack in ash


What about the sofa? We recommend buying a sofa-bed. But not just any sofa-bed : a comfortable piece, to spend a good night sleep but also to entertain. A sofa-bed that can fold and unfold in the blink of an eye.


This season, Habitat introduces Julien. Designed by Adrien Carvès for Habitat Design Studio, this sofa-bed unfolds and folds in an instant.

Made of two materials, this simple affordable stylish piece is perfect for small spaces and comes in two finishes, for a Scandinavian or retro chic look.


Who said that small spaces were not entitled to good design?

Julien, 3-seater sofa in faux leather fabric

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