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Explore your blue period!

Blue is the colour...


Indigo (again) the colour of summer; denim, chambray, blue jeans (always); whole aisles and shop windows are entirely dedicated to blue and after winter's gloomy greys you won't be able to escape to blue now the sun's come out. But let us tell you why it's a good thing! 


Always a safe bet in fashion and interior design, blue and its myriad shades are timeless - it can be classical or eccentric depending on whether you go for navy, teal or electric blue. Dignified royal blue or arty Klein blue, this colour has a place in every room of the home. 



Indigo, Klein blue, ultramarine, cobalt... a palette of deep blue hues, a luminous intensity and "perfect serenity" according to Yves Klein when describing his International Klein Blue made from ultramarine pigments.

Land sofa



The ultimate cool hue brings a touch of much needed freshness to sultry summer days.

Here, the Blyth side table and the Feiko rug



The cool colour par excellence, blue creates a sense of distance and depth even at its darkest. Consider replacing black with blue to structure space - it's more relaxing. Applied to a section of wall, a door or even a concrete floor, it gives a sense of perspective (without going overboard) even in the smallest room or home.


Little touches of blue in a mainly white/pale room immediately bring a touch of the coast into your home whether you go for Breton style (rustic and authentic) or Cycladic (stripped down). Get out your paintbrush and give tired old furniture a new lease of life. 


Fancy a little blue without transforming your whole interior? For more temporary styling that you can adapt and change to suit your mood, opt for accessories/furnishings or even a piece of furniture. A few cushions on a pale or anthracite sofa will create a wonderfully atmospheric cloudy and stormy effect and of course let's not forget candles, dinnerware, armchairs....


Colour of the sky, the sea and the horizon, blue works incredibly well with natural materials and colours. It freshens pale or natural wood furniture and revitalises plain cotton fabrics. Its relaxing properties are brought out by light shades, whites and beiges. It will be more playful and fun when contrasted with its complementary colours i.e. yellow and orange and shades of green or purple .

 It may be ubiquitous, lauded by trendsetters and revered by creators and whether you like to go with flow or stand our from the crowd - blue is here to stay!

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Land armchair


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