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35 %

of e-book/tablet readers are over 50 years old! 

Which means that the over 50s read more on tablets than young people. But to enjoy reading on a tablet at any age requires being super comfortable. Don't suffer at the kitchen table, what you need is a really comfortable sofa where you can relax and escape into your book. Choose a corner sofa so you can stretch your legs out and opt for large armrests where you can also rest your tablet or laptop! Happy reading!

Tablets are influencing our furniture choices!


Sleeping Beauty


25 years

this is the average amount of time we spend sleeping i.e. 8 hours of your life in bed every day. So make sure it's really comfy!

Decor trends

8 ans 

The outdoor/garden market enjoys a high renewal rate. In fact, a set of garden furniture is replaced every 8 years vs. a kitchen every 20 years and a dining room every 15 years.*

*(Source: Planéoscope)

21 minutes

this is how much time the French

spend having breakfast (it's an unscientific fact that time goes by faster in the morning!)

6,5 million


This is the number of Christmas trees sold in France each year...

Real trees (5.5 million) are vastly preferred to artificial ones (1 million)

In France, one soft toy is bought

every 2 seconds or so

(so around 5 seconds for

this pair of owls)

2.5 / second

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