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French toast or “pain perdu”

Christmas begins with breakfast, with a very cheap recipe to make and enjoy as a family.



For four gourmands you’ll need

- 2 eggs

- 500ml of milk

- 50g of sugar

- 20g of butter

and thick slices of yesterday’s brioche or country-style bread (that will be saved from becoming “perdu” or lost to everyone).


In a mixing bowl, break the eggs and beat together with the sugar to create a smooth mixture before adding the milk while stirring constantly – you can now also add a little vanilla or orange blossom. At the same time, put a little butter in the pan and dredge the bread in the mixture before cooking over a low flame until golden brown. Voila! The French toast can be eaten hot or at room temperature, on its own or dusted with icing sugar or even with some maple syrup. Delicious!

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