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Comforting, creamy, soft and rich – eggnog is a popular festive drink in the United States and Canada and it’s a great to try as an alternative to traditional hot chocolate.



For one person, you’ll need an egg yolk,

25g of sugar

200ml of milk

star anise, a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon, and for something a extra, some vanilla or a drop of orange blossom.


Keep an eye on the milk while you warm it up to make sure it doesn’t boil, and in the meantime, beat the egg yolk and the sugar together until you have a perfectly blended mixture. When the milk is warm enough, pour it over the mixture while stirring constantly, add the spices, and serve in a glass with a handle so you can admire the nuances of colour before drinking. To finish the day, adults can also add a splash of rum or Armagnac (with moderation).


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