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De Buyer at Habitat

Eating healthy, watching your diet, buying local and organic products, shopping at gourmet markets, specialized concept stores, farmers’ markets and CSAs, collecting beautiful books, looking out for recipes and tips on the internet, taking cooking classes…


Now more than a daily habit, cooking is an art that’s accessible to everyone; it’s also a real way of life. From cutting to cooking and mise en place, one needs tools to become a cooking expert.



After Thierry Marx, Habitat chose to partner with the De Buyer utensil brand to offer you a line of high quality items to cook like a professional at home.

180 years of expertise

Established in Val d'Ajol, in the Vosges region of France since 1830, De Buyer’s values, heritage and traditional and industrial “Made in France” savoir-faire are dear to Habitat’s heart.  Crowned by the EPV (“Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”) label in 2009, a synonym of French excellence, the De Buyer line is appreciated by the greatest chefs, who have long since used these technical and sturdy tools. Initially intended for cooking professionals whom we’ve long admired, they are now coming to our kitchen.

the Mineral B line

Casserole Nostalgy 20cm à couvercle inox


Casserole Nostalgy 20cm à couvercle inox


Casserole Nostalgy 20cm à couvercle inox


Made of sheet steel, which makes it ideal for searing, browning, sautéing and grilling, the Mineral B line revisits our grandmother’s frying pan: a kitchen must-have. With a beeswax natural non-stick coating, it is sturdy and safe. The classic pan is available in many different sizes; the steel sheet material allows for a rapid rise in temperature and optimal heat distribution that will save you time and energy for perfect results.

Casserole Nostalgy 20cm à couvercle inox


the Nostalgy line


Roasting, grilling, frying, steaming, boiling, poaching, braising ... Made in stainless steel, the Nostalgy line can do everything! Unbreakable, durable, safe and recyclable, the line made of pans and pots is highly resistant to scratches and heat.  Pleasing to the eye with its vintage look, it’s also very easy to use thanks to its fluted handle which molds perfectly with the shape of your fingers and its curvature "à la française" that removes the hand from the heat.

the Choc Extreme line

Eco-friendly and sturdy, the Choc Extreme line, made of exceptionally thick cast aluminum, combines performance, serenity and durability.  A must for the chef’s kitchen every day.

the Prima Matera line

Faitout Nostalgy 20cm couvercle en inox


Casserole Nostalgy 20cm à couvercle inox



The ultimate in performance and design, the Prima Matera line is made of copper, whose molecular properties offer exceptional thermal conductivity. In other words, the material – very popular among professional chefs - allows for a quick and even rise in heat, ideal for slow-cooked meals, stir-fries and summer fruit jams. Indulgence and prestigious design, a feast for the eyes and the palate.

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