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Pantone® 2015

2015 - the year of Marsala! This rich earthy colour, somewhere between brick and red wine, has already made its way into several prêt-à-porter collections, including those by Isabel Marant, Roberto Cavalli and Tommy Hilfiger. What's more, this warm coppery burgundy goes well with a range of other shades.

Marsala is Pantone's 2015 muse and the colour of the year. Somewhere between red and brown, Marsala adds a touch of sophistication and warmth and is ideal for cosying up your home.



With an evocative name taken from the eponymous Sicilian town famed for its wine, Marsala is a beautiful blend of terracotta and red wine. The colour gains its intensity and warmth from the Italian volcanic soil. Intense and captivating, it has a certain nobility like purples, plums and burgundy.



© Pantone®

© Pantone®

How to use it?


Use it to spice up neutral colours

Interiors dominated by neutral and grey tones are always elegant, but can be made more interesting. A touch of Marsala can add a subtle hint of warmth; use it on cushions, curtains, a section of wall or on an armchair. As well as being sophisticated, it is something of a timeless classic.


For a touch of sensuality

While pinks and reds are sensual, Marsala adds a touch of the romantic. Pair it with floral patterns, which are incredibly popular at the moment.


For an intense spicy atmosphere

Combined with shades of brown - chocolate, amber or camel - Marsala becomes charismatic.


For an original touch

It combines perfectly with greens: khaki green, forest green, sea green, emerald or delicate bud green, evoking spring or autumn.





© Mélina Vernant 

Collection inspired by Pantone® de Tollens

Collection inspired by Pantone® de Tollens 

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