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A winter interior

You may look incredibly stylish and chic in your fur boots and cashmere jacket but what about your home? After all, isn't this where we spend most of our time when the nights draw in and the temperature drops? Make sure you're in tune with the seasons and 'dress' your home accordingly!


As the days grow shorter, the first thing you need to do is to make sure you get the lighting right especially in the living room. Create soft lighting by positioning lamps in areas you want to subtly highlight e.g. a corner bookcase, a vase, photos.... and especially the sofa so that its occupants are not struggling to read in the dark. And because they are practically always switched on, lamps are a key element of any winter decor. Have fun mixing different styles; pair a beautiful art deco Gallé or Tiffany style lamp with a sleek contemporary lamp made from wood and cotton or even a string of fairy lights (to keep that festive theme going). 

Range of Pure home fragrances. Habitat

In winter, make sure your sofa is warm and cosy 

Your sofa should be a warm cosy nest where you can enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of mulled wine. Opt for round stoneware cups, which are great at retaining the heat. And when the temperature drops even further adopt the onion strategy i.e. wrap yourself in plenty of layers of warm cosy fabrics. Don't skimp and treat yourself to real wool blankets and cushions. Or go for the ultimate cosy weapon: a beautiful sheepskin rug which will warm your toes when used as a rug or which will give your sofa a medieval vibe when used as a throw. Winter is coming but you know you love it deep down!




Sheepskin... the epitome of softness. Habitat Partage cushion

Wool, fake fur, softness Habitat

Atmosphere, atmosphere...

To add a touch of warmth, nothing beats candle light (scented or not). Place candles around the room to create single points of light or group them together on the mantelpiece or in the hearth.


In summer, when the windows are open, your home is constantly aired but in winter the air can become a little stale. Like a perfumer, create your own olfactory atmosphere with scented candles and room fragrances. Avoid overpowering fragrances and opt for natural ones (spicy for Christmas and fresh and green to announce the coming of spring) and choose high quality natural materials especially when it's too cold to regularly air rooms.  


Milk installation at Habitat. Habitat sheepskin rug, Callahan chair.

Natural stormy colours for a long hard winter. Habitat

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