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White is white

A grand classic of Scandinavian style, the combination of white and wood breathes a refreshing breeze of nature into our interiors.  


On the floor, blond oak flooring with a white or cream rug, a coffee table and a light wood chair on which to throw a natural sheepskin to give some warmth and comfort.

This luminous combination of white and wood is particularly soothing to the mind and naturally enhances your decor. The purity of white highlights the simplicity of the lines in modern design and illuminates the beauty of authentic wooden flooring without letting it seem rustic. And this look works all year round – feels crisp like the spring, refreshing in summer, radiant with light in autumn, and, of course, beautifully reflects the snow in winter.  

Aldgate ceiling light
Selection of white and natural cushions 

Fearing a wall to wall Copenhagen look, not to mention the “Snow Queen” syndrome? To avoid this while retaining the relaxed feeling of this scheme, introduce nuanced whites (shades with beiges, pinks, greys…), harmonise your wood with blues, go even more natural and luminous with a bright yet soft green that’s similar to fresh grass, or even look at pastels.


You can also benefit from the soft neutrality offered by this pared-back base by livening up your décor with some touches of strong colour here and there – a printed cushion or blanket, a jungle chair, a bright rug, one or more vases, a painted or wallpapered section of a wall, a bookcase to add some warmth and colour, or simply some beautiful plants or wild flowers…

Remember to have fun with playful lighting that brightens and brings nuance to your immaculate base look.


The contemporary furniture world is overflowing with beautiful pieces featuring this white and wood combination [tables basses, Kilo… ], but we can also bring to light a white laquered buffet on a wooden floor, next to a table and chairs in light oak, or play around with design a little more by regrouping objects or gorgeous soft furnishings in strategic points around a room. A mass of white cushions on a sofa with a wood structure, for example, some ceramic vases on an oak buffet, or white suspension lights over a table in a dining room…

Gimm sideboard
Stackable accent tables made of metal and solid oak

The purity of white highlights the simplicity of the lines in modern design

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