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When digital technology meets design

In our digital age, acoustic technology goes hand in hand with sleek designs resulting in stylish and fashionable connected devices. In the street or at home, high-tech designs are becoming increasingly innovative and mobile. 


But this is not new! For years, Apple has given us innovative technology paired with pure designs. High-tech audio, video and home cinema devices are infiltrating our homes and while they may resemble a piece of contemporary furniture, these multi-media devices hide a wealth of smart technology as well as being fun, intuitive and desirable. 

The quest for unique objects 

In the field of electro-acoustics, Elipson was a pioneer giving us unprecedented sound quality coupled with stunning design such as its spherical futuristic speakers. In this high value-added area, the quest for innovation is constant. In an era of 360° sound and multiple functions, audio quality is increasingly being associated with desirable objects that combine sound precision with ease of use. 

Elipson Timber Bluetooth speaker; design by Habitat. ©Mélina Vernant

Architecture and fashion

In our mobile world, taking our music with us is nothing new except that today headsets and on-ear headphones are giving way to sophisticated architectural products that not only create a sound barrier but are worn as fashion accessories. Tablets and smartphones come with immaculately designed protective covers. This is clearly demonstrated in the high-tech Ora ïto collection whose furniture design influences are evident. 

Ora ïto high-tech collection for Habitat

Wireless designs and connections 

In the home, wireless technology has really taken off. A simple Wi-Fi connection in the home means we can listen to digital music from all over the world, the radio or custom playlists programmed into our computer/iPhone/iPad/iPod. Whether you connect to a centralised audio system via mobile speakers or directly to the speakers, enjoy high quality sound in any room. The design of these audio devices does not mar their ergonomic qualities. 

Small in size, they can be easily transported thanks to their handles. We love them not only for their unique design but for their high quality materials. Combining comfort with a very high sound quality, these new speakers are all set to become a design classic. 

Planet L, spherical speaker with bass reflex by  Elipson

Elipson Lenny Bluetooth speaker; design by Habitat.

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