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Vintage forever

Vintage is bringing a touch of nostalgia into our homes. Maybe because on some level we're all trying to tap into the simple pleasures of bygone days where everything seemed possible. But what exactly is behind this style phenomenon that is invading our homes?



First, we should make a distinction between several related trends. There's retro, flea market finds, recycling and upcycling... it all gets a bit confusing as these styles tend to get lumped under the 'vintage' banner. Some vintage designs from the 50s/60s/70s by great French, Italian and Scandinavian designers are fetching incredible prices in galleries, specialised shops, antique markets and auction houses. Some of these iconic pieces have been re-released (with proper traceability) and have inspired many of today's designs. Scandinavian design is also still extremely sought after and here's why.

The success of Scandinavian design


Scandinavian design has always been affordable and sustainable. It is functional, relies on simple forms and can be mass produced, which after the war meant that it was affordable. Inspired by nature, Scandinavian design relies heavily on natural materials such as wood; it is expressed in pure rounded forms and straight lines offset by brightly coloured playful patterns. It is appreciated for its simplicity, its practicality and its modularity, which is ideal for today's small living spaces. It is easy to live with as it's not ostentatious but first and foremost it responds to a lifestyle (furniture, lamps, textiles, dinnerware, etc.) focused on entertaining during the long Nordic nights. Scandi cool?


Scandinavian design is enjoying renewed popularity thanks to its values but work on reinterpreting it to achieve a contemporary look in your home. Avoid the 'full-on' look; mix and match is all the rage at the moment. The art is knowing how to use it in subtle stylish touches. Scandinavian design is all about facilitating a lifestyle rather than creating a style in itself, which is not something our Nordic neighbours take too seriously!



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