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Tie-dye revival



There is no style or fashion that hasn't been revived and brought up to date at some point. You may think of tie-dye as a hangover from the swinging sixties but it is reinventing itself using cleverly shaded colours to bring a breath of fresh air and sense of movement to our interiors.


At the moment everything goes, so mix and match styles to create a unique decor and break with stereotypes. Tie-dye is a simple technique that can be done in the home. And you have to wonder if the unbridled creativity of the sixties was a form of artistic rebellion that went on to inspire a whole movement. Tie-dye literally consists of first tying and then dyeing a piece of white or coloured fabric. The various effects are created by folding or knotting the fabric (prior to dying) to create a range of patterns and colours. Why not have a go and give your old garments and bed linen a new lease of life? Tie-dye works really well on summer tablecloths or curtains. Check out the Tie-dye workshop and learn the technique.

Hippy chic


This legendary print is making its comeback in our homes! Subtly re-interpreted and refined you can see it everywhere from textiles (rugs, curtains, cushions, bed linen, etc.) to table art (dinnerware, objects, etc.) as well as inspiring paint effects on walls and furniture. Today, tie-dye is easily paired with graphic forms and patterns. It is enjoying new variations and new colour shadings; colours bleed into each other and blur rather like blotting paper. Colours subtly change from light to dark or are contrasted to create exciting new colour combinations. Colours bleed into each other or are surrounded by pure white to create a fresh and vibrant effect. The all new tie-dye movement is decidedly arty too. Its blurred contours and washed out hues are not dissimilar to wash drawings and water colours. When added in touches to accessories, we love its home-made vibe, which adds a certain laid back atmosphere to any interior.

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