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This autumn, start work in the ideal conditions

Whether you have a calm, well-lit room overlooking the garden, or a space just for you behind a closed door or a corner of the living room (or bedroom) where you can set up your laptop and files - working from home is an art form in itself!

What kind of desk do I need?


Unlike the living room which is used by the whole family, it is imperative to decorate your office to reflect your personality and to correspond to your needs. But as always, it comes down to a question of space.

How can you integrate a work space into your home? If you are lucky enough to have a separate room then the sky's the limit but many of us have to make do with limited space. Fortunately, there are many solutions out there to help you juggle work and home life.


If you have limited space, opt for a modular solution rather than a traditional desk. The classic solution? Trestles and an attractive worktop under which you can store your files. Or a beautifully designed writing desk; this ingenious piece of furniture is both discreet and practical (having the same features as a larger desk).

What type of work space do I need?


Are you freelance and work full-time (or almost)? Do you have an office in town but often bring work home?

If you answered yes to the first question, then make sure you design an office space that really works for you. Create something attractive but be practical. Your stylish dining chair may look fabulous but your back won't thank you so opt for an ergonomic office chair - there are plenty of models to chose from and your office doesn't have to resemble your bank manager's for you to work comfortably and safely. Your office should reflect your personality.


Henry oak desk and Marta with blue fabric cover and beech wood legs ©Mélina Vernant

How do you work? Do you just need a laptop or do you have mountains of files?
Can you see yourself working without your extensive stationery collection and office gadgets?


Depending on your available space, you could opt for a classic desk or create a custom one e.g. a corner desk combining four trestles and two worktops. Think about storage space especially if you often work from home and have to deal with a lot of paperwork (quotes, correspondence, work files, archives etc.). Don't overlook the lighting (you don't want to strain your eyes!) or the decor for that matter. Why not create a separate area where you can rest and read away from  your computer screen and files?


But most important of all, make sure you create a space that reflects your personality, corresponds to your needs and allows you to work calmly and productively.

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