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The right luggage for the trip

A weekend away or a great escape: the must-haves!


First of all, we need to define what you mean by 'holiday'. If you're off hiking in outer Mongolia, then you should probably consult a pro. But if your idea of a holiday is somewhere exotic, where you intend to use you wheelie suitcase, then here's a little advice.

Off somewhere warm for a week? Unless you love baggage carousels and queuing at the airport, opt for the traveller's new best friend - the cabin bag! No more waiting to check in, no more lost luggage (you in Madrid, your case in Kuala Lumpur), and being first in the taxi rank while your fellow passengers are still staring anxiously at the baggage carousel.


Can't get all your things in a case measuring 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm? Clothes that have been ironed and carefully folded take up far less space than clothes stuffed in any old how (and arrive at your destination in much better shape!). And seriously, do you really need those running shoes in 40° heat? And don't you think the hotel will have a hairdryer! 


Whether you need a large or a small case, choose one made from lightweight materials with separate internal compartments

Whether you need a large or a small case, choose one made from lightweight materials with separate internal compartments - that way you can change and freshen up as soon as reach your hotel, without having to unpack everything just to find your toothbrush! Don't skimp on quality either, a suitcase should be seen as an investment. You may have it for one summer or for the next 10 years!

Don't be afraid to adapt your case to suit your needs by adding pouches; imagine them as different rooms in a house or different drawers in a chest: one for shoes, one for underwear, one for documents, toiletries, etc.

Invited to a wedding or unable to travel without formal evening clothes? Then consider garment bags, which don't crush your clothes and take up very little space.


Even if you have an e-ticket, you'll likely have a lots of other documents to take with you. So, get organised by having one document pouch that you can slip into your bag (including a photocopy of your passport and other documents) and another (for your ticket, original documents, etc.) that you can leave safely in your hotel room.


If you're travelling really light or can't get everything in a cabin bag, consider taking a large handbag or a small weekend bag as well.




Si vous voyagez vraiment léger ou que vous ne parvenez pas à tout caser et le style est pour vous une priorité que optez en complément pour un grand sac à main ou un petit sac week-end.


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