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The spirit of the jungle

A dense vegetation with intense greens, vines and flowers, foliage that interweaves like a canopy, a pinch of leopard and a touch of zebra – welcome to the jungle.


What is the spirit of the jungle? Figurative prints that transport you to a hot and humid botanical atmosphere that’s wild like the rainforest.


Daborn seat, Habitat. Forrest pattern created by Claire Leina
Wallpaper The wild, Bien fait, Paris

Wallpaper The wild, Bien fait, Paris

Daborn seat, Habitat. Forrest pattern created by Claire Leina 

Provided they’re used sparingly, they have a place in all contemporary interiors, particularly in stripped-back spaces because they add an instant warmth.

Wallpaper along the width of a bedroom gives the effect of a wall of greenery, a printed chair in the corner of a very urban room, plates for exotic and chic dinners, cushions with emerald forest motifs on an anthracite sofa…


They go perfectly with both natural and industrial materials such as wood, concrete, metal etc. as well as both solid and neutral colours such as whites and greys that reduce the potential for these exuberant, poetic and humerous prints to look a little kitsch. As a feature or just a highlight, the spirit of the jungle is always a great option.



Daborn seat, Habitat. Forrest pattern created by Claire Leina
Farrow & Ball Shouchikubai Wallpaper

Farrow & Ball Shouchikubai Wallpaper 

 Farrow & Ball  Bamboo Wallpaper

 Farrow & Ball  Bamboo Wallpaper

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