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The dressing table is back!

At long last, the dressing table is making its comeback, so take a moment to imagine bringing a little beauty and glamour into your home. Mirror, mirror...

In the bedroom or the bathroom

Dressing tables were indispensable in the age of intricate hairstyles and makeup but gradually fell out of favour with the arrival of the bathroom, which was totally dedicated to maintaining a healthy mind and body! A dressing table in a bedroom becomes a key element of the decor as well as adding a touch of glamour (and is immensely practical).


Many decorators and space planners are starting to integrate them in their designs. Today, bathrooms are seen as a place of well-being and relaxation and somewhere to nourish the soul as well as care for the body; they are becoming like mini home spas. And it is on the back of this movement that the dressing table is finding a new lease of life. It is regaining its status as a stand-alone piece of bedroom furniture, adding a touch of intimacy and glamour. Dressing tables are not only elegant, they are now ingenious too.


So, sit down and take a beauty break. There's nothing outdated about pampering yourself - in fact, we highly recommend it!

Dressing table, 1886

The dressing table or French 'bonheur du jour'

Straddling the Louis 14th and Louis 15th (1700-1730) styles, the Regency period, dressing tables appeared around the same time as writing desks. And if you look closely, you can see many similarities between the two pieces of furniture: their size, open structure, façades and drawers (sometimes dummy ones). This dressing table's clever design is dedicated to the pursuit of beauty. It is flanked by two deep storage compartments and has an adjustable hinged mirror that can be hidden when not in use. This ingeniously designed system also allows the position of the mirror to be adjusted. And once closed, you have a clear surface on which to lay out all your beauty products. 



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