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Summer in the city!

Enjoy the rest of the summer, even if you're staying in the city. Maybe you were lucky enough to take off outside of the school holidays or perhaps you're stuck in the office covering for more fortunate colleagues... Whatever your reasons for staying in town, here are a few tips to brighten up your urban staycation. 

When comfort is key

Whether you live in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes or any one of many larger or smaller towns spread across France you can go and watch an outdoor film or attend an evening concert in the park. Though you can often rent a seat at the venue, it's far better to come prepared, unless you want to spend the evening sitting on your jumper (or your neighbour's) or a carrier bag.

The answer? An ultra-light folding chair (Teva) like a mini deckchair, which has the added advantage of making you feel like you're at the beach. You could also use a cushion, if you pick one made from hard-wearing and washable material - nothing beats washable fabrics! 

Parc de la Villette © Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin

A home from home, but outside

Do you feel the cold? Then don't forget to bring a blanket (a fleece or a sarong, depending on whether you live in Lille or Marseilles!), which will save a lot of moaning if the temperature drops suddenly. And if it's too warm for your blanket, then you can always roll it into a pillow, lay it on the ground and indulge in a little stargazing. Slipped into a shopping bag, it'll be your new best friend, day and night: outdoor films, concerts, picnics, etc.

Blanche, lounge chair

Stylish picnic

Melamine dinnerware is ideal for a chic urban picnic after your film or concert. Lightweight and easy to clean, you can buy stylish plates and glasses that won't turn your carefully chosen bottle of wine into cheap plonk (unlike those nasty plastic cups) and will perfectly complement your famous home-made quiche (nobody needs to know you defrosted it last night). And to keep your picnic fare lovely and fresh and serve it without ruining your favourite tablecloth (washable, of course), you could always take a leaf out of the picnic lovers' book and equip yourself with the latest gadgets, fancy cutlery and bento boxes.

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