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Seasonal softness

Wonderfully versatile sheepskin

The bad news is that winter isn't quite over yet! The good news is there is a highly effective, beautiful, soft and elegant anti-cold weapon that can be used all year long: natural sheepskin. Fur all year long? Yes! It warms a cold floor or sofa in winter and thanks to its heat-regulating properties, it is ideal when the temperature finally decides to rise.

Placed at the bottom of a Moses basket or cradle, it creates a comfy nest that is beautifully warm in winter and delightfully fresh in summer. It also ensures that your little angel will always be nice and dry thanks to its moisture-absorbing properties. It can also be used under a play mat, on cold floor tiles or you can place baby directly on this super cosy natural comforter.

What about the grown-ups? Snow-white sheepskin is authentic, natural yet refined and we simply adore it! With its unique texture and understated style, it can be used in a variety of ways. It creates instant texture and interest on a bed or sofa, and dresses up a boring or old armchair as well as cozying up a cold interior.


Placed on the floor, it becomes your toes' best friend in summer and winter especially when placed next to your bed. Sheepskin looks great on parquet or tiled floors, placed at the corner of a coffee table, used as an oversized cushion or to give added depth to a rug. It is also reminiscent of traditional Greek flokati rugs with their incredibly long soft fibres.


Beautiful, practical, super soft and easy to maintain all year long: what are you waiting for?

Il faut passer régulièrement l’aspirateur dans le sens du poil pour évacuer les poussières, et l’aérer de temps en temps en prenant garde à ne pas l’exposer au soleil. Certaines peaux de mouton sont même lavables en machine.

Cleaning? It couldn't be easier

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