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Design turns red 


Imperial and revolutionary, the color of passion, danger, emotion and the forbidden: the color of blood, fire and earth: primary and essential, red is also intense, hot and downright flamboyant.


When it comes to design, despite its powerful effect and unless you want to create a Martian vibe, forget the total scarlet look and make your interior blush with subtlety.

Stimulating and structuring


Strong and intense, red stimulates and warms up any dull living-room and it's a good thing! In modern environments, vermilion, for example, goes perfectly with gray. We’ll use red in small touches – in accessories, furniture, posters ... - to draw the attention and structure the space , or even to subtly " dramatize " your interior –  carmine wall, red velvet sofa... It also works in the kitchen, with the fire’s heat and the beauty of summer fruit and vegetables.

Warming up and tempering

For a warm and authentic look, we’ll go for the ocher family, whose natural clay-like tones, come in many shades. These deep reds with yellow, orange and brown undertones, remind us of the South and of the ceramic art that is practiced there since the dawn of time. Known as terracotta (also a renowned and luxurious bronzing powder), terracotta refers to the material but also to the deep and warm color of ancient pottery. Used sparingly (though you can use it a little more than its counterpart vermilion), it tempers an interior deemed too modern and brings a "handmade " feel to the house.

Valentina chair

Icone Collection

We like : its audacity, natural elegance and its ability to warm up the house

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