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Mission (almost) impossible

Rearranging your bookshelves

If an essential part of your holiday is relaxing on the beach reading the latest best-seller, and if you can only survive the daily commute with your nose in a good book, then don't worry - there are plenty of new books coming your way this autumn. In fact, 607 novels have been published this year alone and some of them will no doubt end up on your bookshelves. So, maybe it's time to consider rearranging your books.


Living deco


Books - you've got plenty. Some are still in your suitcase, some in your 'to read' pile (a mysterious pile that never seems to go down) and then there are those that live on your bedside/coffee table, those you’ve lent out and those you've just bought. And even if you get yourself an e-book, you won't get rid of all those paperbacks that easily. While they're gathering dust waiting to be read, why not work them into a key element of your decoration? Though it could be a little risky, putting your personal taste on show like this.


Cheerful, multicoloured, reassuring, timeless... books, like rugs, can make a large room feel more inviting. You could cover an entire wall with books to create a cosy atmosphere with traditional wooden bookshelves or go for a cleaner look by opting for floating or invisible shelves.

In a small space - e.g. a bedroom - a few coloured shelves placed here and there (rather than looking regimented) work well, producing a modern pop art effect.

Let your books breathe.

Don't be afraid of empty spaces, it's a safe bet they'll soon be filled...

Rearranged doesn't have to mean regimented


To avoid the public library look, it's good to break up rows of books - leave gaps and let your books breathe. Don't be afraid of these empty spaces, it's a safe bet that they'll soon be filled. Depending on your classification method*, you could leave a space between each letter of the alphabet, between genres, continents or - wait for it - between colours! This system means that literary newcomers can be welcomed into the fold without disrupting your entire system and ensures your collection is always alive.


You can use any temporary gaps to house ornaments, photos or a small lamp - but make sure you place lamps at a safe distance from their (flammable) paper neighbours.


Your secret weapon? Bookends. There are so many kinds of bookends - some ridiculously kitsch and others almost invisible. If you need a large number of bookends, we highly recommend you opt for plain functional models (the thin metallic type) that you can mix with other objects (reasonably heavy ones) to support the weight of your books.


Now that your beloved books have a new home and are ready to be read (or re-read), all you have to do is make a pot of tea and pick the best spot for an afternoon of pure bookworm heaven.


* Don't expect us to give an opinion on this highly controversial subject!

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