Palette  //  How to use yellow

lemon yellow + white + white wood Nordic touches for paint and textiles (polar blue, wild rose pink, frosty green) + simple geometric patterns (diamonds, stylised vintage flowers, kinetic effect)

colour block yellow + white + rosa pink (a girly pink with the same intensity as fuchsia but more original) + printed fabrics with small multicoloured patterns, stripes or checks…


vanilla yellow + browns, tans and leather + touches of emerald green + dark wood

colour block yellow + khaki/olive palette + dark greys + grey wood


Deep down, we all love yellow but don't always know how to incorporate it into our interiors. So we've asked Sophie Hélène, a colour specialist, for her expert advice. Each to their own!

Sophie Hélène graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Toulouse and obtained an advanced degree in Applied Arts in textile design from ENSAAMA - Ecole Olivier de Serres. She now works as a colourist, as well as designing for the textile industry and publishing arts and crafts books. Having created colours for over 12 years she is also expert at deciphering the latest colour trends.