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My (very) little sweet home

First apartment, pied-à-terre, old building or extortionate rent… often the bigger the city, the smaller its dwellings, forcing many of us to live in cramped conditions. But rather than give up on your interior decoration ambitions, why not adopt a small is beautiful approach and play around with space constraints to create a home just for you.

Get modular 

When it comes to decor nothing is set in stone, which is a good thing if you're planning to spend the rest of your life in the same apartment.

To the get the best out of your small living space (while waiting to upsize), think modular and flexible!
A console table can double up as a desk, a side table can become a bedside table, a sofa can turn into a bed, trestles can be used to support differently sized table tops and bookshelves on castors can be used as room-dividers ... the possibilities are endless.
To organise your living space, there is a wide range of really clever furniture out there that can be transformed in a moment or that has ingenious built-in storage: pull-out tables and beds, stackable stools, wall-mounted desks, drawer divans, etc. 


Get moving


Small doesn't necessarily mean cramped. Highlight areas around windows to let your home 'breathe' and open up as much space as possible so you can move about freely.

The first solution, if possible, is to install an open kitchen preferably with an island that can be used as a dining table and bar, creating a natural space for entertaining. Take responsibility for your kitchen, it will give an impression of more space and will allow you to enjoy it fully.

Doors? What doors? Do away with the door between the hall and the living room and replace it with a sliding panel. This will not only save considerable space but will add a touch of Japanese style to your home

Lily bar on wheels


Poorly lit small spaces appear even smaller. Aim to keep your doll's house as spruce as possible and use multiple sources of light to create an illusion of space. You have to sculpt space when you live in a small apartment. On the walls nothing works better than white but you can create perspective and depth by playing around with colour to draw the eye to open spaces and vanishing points. Forget about wan ceiling lights that eat up space and opt for multiple sources of light (but without going overboard - you don't want to live in a Christmas grotto!). Here, a wood and fabric table lamp, over there a paper lantern on a shelf, an old glass lamp, and on the desk a vintage Anglepoise lamp... In short, choose your lamps with care as they are also an integral part of your decor. When it comes to decor, every room is entitled to a little TLC

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