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Feasts can’t be improvised, especially when it comes to big family gatherings. To enjoy a gourmet experience around a fun and welcoming table, while also staying calm and relaxed, you need to get organized!


Lunch time with the family!

Dinner’s ready!

By Easter, the weather can be nice yet a little chilly, so you’ll still want to eat inside. But this shouldn’t keep you from satisfying your spring yearnings and adding a natural, flowery touch to your festive table.  Try using a few mismatched vases of various sizes and modest styles; filling them up with small colorful bouquets of anemones, buttercups, daffodils and freesia – spontaneous and colorful, just like spring.


The best is the enemy of the good.  Avoid an over-the-top pastoral look and choose elegant, simple and discreetly stylish plates. They should be predominantly white if you chose to decorate your table with a lot of flowers.  And, no need to bring out the fine silverware. As a nod to the occasion, consider accentuating with a pretty family heirloom, an antique platter or a ceramic pitcher. This is also a good time to swap out your usual placemats for a tablecloth, which will better protect the wood of your tabletop.


For large gatherings, don’t forget the serving dishes : they are the star of the show. Spread out on the table, you’ll avoid having to spend your time passing around salads, and lovingly peeled potatoes or green beans (the traditional side dishes that go with a gigot or a beautiful bird) or worse having to make trips to the kitchen; haven’t you worked enough already ?

Callahan table, Ply II chair

Design tip: a nest as a centerpiece

You don't fear a themed decor and you know that a fun and kitschy touch to your table won’t jeopardize your usually understated and obviously exquisite taste? Then invite Easter to your table. Swap out the classic centerpiece for a nest filled with chocolates! For an added hint of spring, you can also stick real or artificial flowers in the nest or set it up on a piece of fake grass as shown in our composition. Let your imagination (and your sweet tooth) run wild.


In the kitchen

By the way, what happens in the kitchen? Winter is just about over and come Easter, we still love to feast on a simple and tasty baked dish: roasted and flavorful meat that brings us back to barbecues in the summer and the sweet smell of the Herbes de Provence. A classic dish? The Easter lamb of course! It can be cooked in many different ways: the leg, the shoulder or the knuckle of lamb can be roasted with garlic and thyme, lemon or stung anchovy seasoned with mustard or tapenade. You put everything in the oven, using a baking dish or a terracotta dish (the type of dish you use to bake chicken is decidedly very convenient) in order to preserve all the flavors. 


It’s time to sharpen your chef knives to cut the beast: perfectly tender, the lamb is almost confit and slightly rosy in the center.


What about dessert? Chocolate of course! A fondant or a mousse. And strawberries, The first of the season, too. Plain or with a touch of whipped cream or with sugar. Or a strawberry pie.

And then…more chocolate. On such a day, there’s no way avoiding it!


Chicken brick

Teira cocotte 

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