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KIDS! Blackboard paint


Give your kids' imagination free rein

Like most parents, you want to encourage your kids' creativity and we wouldn't want to discourage that. But sometimes this creativity can get a bit... well, out of hand. 

So, to let your little ones practise their street art without you having to clean the walls every week (or even repaint them!), all you need is a pot of blackboard paint and some coloured chalk. Use this magic and easy-to-use paint to create a space where they can let their imagination run free.


Your child's bedroom should change as your little one grows up: so get creative as a family. And as time passes, you'll never get bored of your child's decor

Applied to a section of wall (like a blackboard) or from floor to ceiling, your child can draw to their heart's content, recreating a whole world of fantastic adventures as well as giving you an insight into their imagination. You, as parents, can sneak in a few multiplication tables, a few words in French, the alphabet or even the solar system... it's never too early to start working on developing that photographic memory!  


When the paint is applied to the floor, it's even more fun as it places the child at the very centre of their creation. A game of hopscotch, a house, a garden or even a zoo right in the middle of your child's bedroom. You'll never cease to be amazed by the budding genius of your young artist!

Above, an entire wall has been painted. It serves to separate the study area from the sleeping area, as well as creating a fun space. Your child's bedroom should change as your little one grows up: so get creative as a family. You'll never get bored of your child's decor! 


Make a magnetic blackboard


Before applying the blackboard paint, apply two or three coats of magnetic paint (3 coats is best); follow the drying times indicated on the tin. After the required drying time, apply the blackboard paint as the last coat and there you have it - a made-to-measure magnetic blackboard! 


And just because you're an adult, there's nothing to stop you from making your own magnetic blackboard. Do away with paper boards and electronic reminders and calendars and go instead for the blackboard from your childhood!

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