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It's garden Time!

Even if you only have a small garden, balcony or courtyard, when you live in a city a few square metres of private outdoor space is a real godsend. A sight for sore eyes during the cold winter months and an extension of your home in the summer. Think of this space as an additional room whose appearance and use changes along with the seasons. Doesn't it deserve the same care you would lavish on your living room or bedroom?

Multipliez les plantes vivaces, elles sont faciles d'entretien, colorées, résistantes : gratifiantes en somme !

Don't be afraid to use lots of green plants, they're easy to look after, colourful, hardy and very rewarding!

Make way for the plants!


If you've got a green thumb then use your talent to create the perfect setting for your garden's natural occupants: remember, plants first! Don't be afraid of going overboard with plants - quite the opposite - abundant greenery gives the impression of space and will turn your urban patio into the green lungs of your home.

Using plants helps you structure your urban oasis. Add impact using colourful window boxes, which contrast well with the intense green of other plants or use them to create more intimate spaces like you'd find in a traditional English garden.

Zen or boho?


Like the inside of your home, the outside should also reflect your personality and lifestyle - a natural and vibrant reflection that is sometimes hard to recreate. So why not enjoy creating something natural, unpredictable and charming and let your imagination run wild?


Is your living room laid-back or laid out with military precision? Add a splash of colour with window boxes and give a nod to Japanese gardens by using black & white garden furniture and furnishings made from all natural fibres.


A hammock or deckchair under swaying bamboo will create a more Bohemian look while metal garden furniture painted in 'Public Park' colours will give your outdoor space a stylish urban vibe.

Feldz, table and stools in stone fibre: its small size (seats 4) and simple pure lines make this an ideal solution for smaller spaces

Differently sized Japanese paper lantern used as a design feature or as lights - plain, white or patterned - will add interest and harmony to a relatively empty space.

Essential accessories


Is your garden too small for your dream teak table and stone fibre bench? Then consider using modular, multi-purpose objects just as you would inside your home. A folding table with Tam Tam stools accompanied by attractive melamine dinnerware will create a pleasant area in which to entertain your guests.


Think vertical! If you have the space, think about making use of vertical spaces by hanging Asian garden lanterns made from rice paper or metal to add a touch of the Far East or a string of fairy lights or even a nest box!

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