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I want some sun!

Fight the greyness

Central and solar, bright and vital, warm and fiery… it’s high time to revisit a sometimes-unloved colour that embodies the spirit of summer – long live yellow!

Canary yellow is joyous while saffron is warm, and lemon is acidic – yellow knows how to make other colours more exuberant by association such as red, plum, orange, hot pink and navy blue.


But it can also be used with a little more wisdom and discretion without losing its warmth by using paler shades such as vanilla, or it can even be used next to neutral tones such as grey or taupe to bring a luminous nuance.



Using a light hand, this strong, eye-catching colour can enhance an interior that’s too safe or that you feel could be a little dull when the warm weather returns. To complete our heliotrope trend, let’s shine the summer sun in every corner!

Jim, armchair Habitat,

Warm up a (beautiful but cool) Scandinavian atmosphere by placing buttercup coloured vases on a light wood buffet, unfurling a daffodil rug under a blond oak coffee table, or perching a little canary yellow lamp on a console or a desk.


Is your anthracite sofa missing a little pep? Give it a vitamin shot with lemon cushions that work well with matching or contrasting patterns to create a mix and match effect that’s joyous and dynamic. For a warmer and more intense version that’s a little less acidic, opt for spicier tones such as saffron or curry with golden highlights for a timeless and very elegant finish, notably on fabrics such as linen or Egyptian cotton sheets or even a little occasional chair with a velvet finish…


Yellow also works well at the table to give it a feeling of summer in the south of France whether you’re dining inside or out. Lemon is a great design element whether it’s a flat colour, stylised pattern or even a retro element with barbotine glasses.


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