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EURO 2016

Whether or not you understand how the offside rule works, it probably hasn’t escaped you that the dominant color, at the end of this rainy late-spring season, is grass green. You’re probably also about to notice that, starting June 10th, it’s going to get increasingly difficult to organize dinner and cocktail parties on certain nights – unless you’re willing to take the risk that some of your guests (and we won’t tell you who) will  suddenly vanish only to resurface at half-time. 


If you’re not into football, the bad news is that you’ll have to wait until July 10th for the entire country of France (if not all of Europe) to return back to normal. The good news is that you can join in and ride the football wave -- France is the host country after all!  So why not host your own football party?


France is the host country after all!  So why not host your own football party?


Tips on how to survive Euro football parties

So you’ve taken the plunge? Fan or not, fully embrace the football theme and don’t leave anyone out. Forget about relegating the TV viewers to one room and opening a bottle of rosé (or whatever you have) for everyone else in another.  Set up your living room to allow a smooth flow between both groups of guests.


Make your TV area as open as possible with a discreet soundtrack (if you’ve listened to in-game commentary before, then you know that no one will mind), along with a coffee table and a sofa reserved for the sports fans. To avoid glass marks on the floor, try using nesting tables to keep things flexible but orderly.


Add a few ottomans and extra cushions for those who just want to check-in on the score from time-to-time.

During happy hour, turn the volume up and think buffet or picnic! This kind of set up is easier because as the “host country,” you shouldn’t have to spend the evening making trips between the living room and the kitchen -- and this will ensure the festive vibe makes its way into your living room. China is nice but fragile.


To avoid breakage when your guests get overly excited, opt for melamine dishes. Choose bright colors (the colors of each team’s jersey perhaps) to make your table pop. Full sets are available in this magical, light, sturdy, dishwasher-safe, stylish and more playful material.



- Unbreakable dinnerware 


- Cocktail sticks and mini-forks/spoons to avoid getting your home-made hummus all over the house


- A never-ending supply of crushed ice (get an ice crusher now!)


- A themed playlist for the kitchen anti-party !


- That vuvuzela you stupidly bought in 2010 (you should have gotten rid of it when you had the chance!)


- Oversize cushions and mini-deckchairs




It’s TV night alright, so bring on more of the small plates (stick with the colorful melamine) to allow your guests to create their own meal. If you’re lucky enough to have a large space, or even a balcony outside the living-room (assuming it stopped raining), play the summer card and set up a few beach chairs. 


Now just bring out the ice cubes, rosé and appetizers – you’ve won and are ready for the final!

Fukura, melamine dishes

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