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How to light your garden at night? 

Just because it's getting dark outside, doesn't mean you can't enjoy your garden. Whether you have a balcony or an entire garden to work with, you can create an atmosphere that is conducive to both conversation and relaxation.

In the garden, it is important to surround pathways and to illuminate plants and other vegetation for a stunning natural backdrop. Don't forget to mark out your garden and pathways using solar lamps that will cleverly recharge themselves during the day. Spotlights placed on stairs show the way, as do lights on pathways. Apply wall lights to the façade of your home to light up the patio area. Punctuate the summer nights with lanterns, portable lamps, tea lights and candles placed on tables, window sills and your balcony - you can even add strings of fairy lights. When treated as an additional room, your outdoor space becomes a place that encourages intimacy, the sharing of secrets and star (and navel) gazing!  

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