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How does your

garden grow?

Orderly or bohemian? French or English style? Gardens are an extension of the home so why not have it reflect your personality? And just like your home, it's nice to dedicate a well-designed area for entertaining in your garden where you can spend time with guests without running in and out of the kitchen all night!


This is also true (perhaps even more so!) for small outdoor spaces such as handkerchief gardens, courtyards or a simple patio. Just because you only have a small space doesn't mean you can't entertain friends al fresco.



Why not design a BBQ area like an open-plan kitchen, meaning you can spend time with friends instead of slaving over a hot stove away from all the fun?


Be inventive and try to create a sense of continuity between your inside and outside spaces but without creating an overly matching look. And even if you don't have particularly green fingers, nature should always be the main focus of your garden. So let it breathe and opt for pure organic lines, which is what most designers do when designing garden furniture.

Don't be afraid to jazz up a classic folding table with this season's colours or pick chairs to match your bluebells or foxgloves! Looking to create a zen atmosphere? Then opt for natural colours and raw untreated materials - teak or oiled hardwood (which are weather proof), earthenware, organic cotton, etc.  Choose beautiful functional furniture and accessories, which will blend into the landscape.

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