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Decoration idea

Hanging Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!

Thy leaves are so unchanging... Yes, the festive season is upon us once again. So why not delight your guests with this elegant aerial creation? 


The structure 

- First, you'll need to secure a hook (use a wallplug) to the ceiling or an existing structure (beam, ceiling rose, etc.).

- Scavenge a metal frame from an old parasol or umbrella and  spray paint it copper or silver (depending on your festive theme). Position the umbrella frame upside-down i.e. with the spokes at the bottom. 

- Then, attach a length of nylon wire or cord to the umbrella's handle so that when you attach it to the hook your tree is at the desired height.


The decoration 

- Choose lightweight Christmas decorations as the hook won't take very heavy weights.

- Arrange your wire or cord, as shown above, to create a chandelier effect. To create the conical shape, attach pieces of wire (or cord) from the ceiling hook to the umbrella's spokes. Underneath the frame, attach pieces of wire or cord to the centre of the umbrella draping them outwards.

- Now you're ready to decorate your hanging "Christmas tree" to complement the rest of your Christmas decorating theme. Make sure you hide any knots or your creation will start resembling a spider's web or a tangled ball of wool!


One more thing: If you place your tree near a wall (and a socket), you can add a string of fairy lights without your guests tripping over a tangle of wires.

Practical tips

- If you have the time, it can be helpful to sketch out your design first. Too many last minute improvisations can look haphazard...

- And because this isn't the easiest solo project, rope in (literally!) a few friends to help.

- For ease of decoration and to gain perspective, hang your tree before you start decorating it.

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