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Give your bedroom a new look!

An intimate world and an interior space par excellence - as the frost approaches the bedroom is more than ever a secret garden and the best way to emerge a butterfly in the springtime is to make sure you look after your cocoon.

It begins with a sore back, a grumpy mood as soon as you get out of the bed, or simply a desire to wake up in a neat and harmonious environment instead of a veritable bric-a-brac store that reminds you of your years as a student. Aside from being an indicator that you’re becoming an adult, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to give your bedroom a new look. From a new mattress and bedside tables to better lighting and storage solutions – it’s time. Let’s change everything! 


What do you expect from you room? An immediate feeling of wellbeing, familiarity and security? Value for money? A refuge against the tumultuousness of the world where everything is in order and looks beautiful, luxurious and sumptuous? Likely it’s all of the above but the most important thing is that your room helps you to fall asleep (again and again) and to achieve that… 

A good mattress is vital

… and its often the factor that triggers an urge to change everything in one’s bedroom. 

Above all, a good mattress is one that’s adapted to your body type, size, back and your lifestyle. This can radically change your daily life and, of course, your nights but also your waking hours by saving you from fatigue, pain and appointments with the physio. Basically, a good mattress is essential.


But a mattress, even good quality ones, doesn’t last a lifetime and it’s recommended that it’s replaced about every ten years. To ensure it lasts as long as possible and even prolong it’s life, your mattress should be turned regularly and it’s important to choose a great base (especially for foam and latex models). You can always add a mattress overlay as well which will enhance your comfort while protecting the mattress. 


There are three well-known types of mattresses, of which the best models are extremely comfortable. Here are some ideas:


Spring mattress – comfortable and robust while being one of the most dynamic as well as the one that breathes the best.

Latex mattress – hypoallergenic while providing different degrees of firmness and support as well as being very good for individual sleeping comfort.

Foam mattress – just as comfortable and supportive as the previous models of a higher density but much lighter.


Note: for the sake of your back, we strongly advise that you test some mattresses for yourself before committing to your nightly companion for the next decade! And don’t forget the bed base which should to be chosen based on your particular type of mattress. 

The bed

Aesthetically, there are many schools of thought. Do you prefer the more pared-back look of a simple mattress and base, or maybe you prefer a complete bed that defines your sleeping space with a head or a frame? 

There are some very complete ranges that allow you to create your own bespoke bed around the mattress/bed base that you’ve chosen.

Soft and enveloping, a headboard is a visually strong piece that gives you great comfort and a feeling of security while personalising your bedroom. It can be bookended with feet of different heights and an assortment of furniture (bedside tables, a chest or a bench…) that can frame the bed while making everything look cohesive.

Aesthetic and practical, whether a bed frame is designer, futon or traditional, it’s generally taller than the foot of a bed base and can offer you some storage space for bedding, sheets or towels.

Boudoir,  headboard

Jupiter,  headboard. Earth, trunk. Amazon, bedside table

In harmony

There’s a greater need for harmony in the bedroom than anywhere else. White is always a good bet because it’s familiar and classic but it’s also fun to use colour to structure your space while playing with the bed head by using grey or taupe, for example, to give a natural ambience that can go well with Scandinavian wooden furniture. What about a chest, a small chair covered in natural sheep-skin, a light wood console used as a dressing table, along with some shelves and a vintage bedside table. This can all match perfectly with beautifully soft and authentic ecru Egyptian cotton bed linen. Guaranteed to relax you!

And what if you see your bedroom more as a boudoir? For you, the richest materials are needed – velvet and cotton sateen – complex motifs and deep colours, and little touches here and there such as an easy chair with a heather effect or a simply modern look, for example, some cushions and throws, a quilted bedspread, curtains… It’s all about creating intimate spaces – a large and soft headboard with soft, rounded lines, a dressing table with a mirror and as well as soft lighting and a mini-lounge where you can read or even share secrets… 


Montana,  headboard. Asteroid, bedroom bench. Amazon, bedside table

Afrique, whool rug 170X240

Gitsy whool rug 170X240

To get up on the right side of the bed

you need your feet to land softly on the ground. So, since your already redesigning your bedroom from wall to wall, it’s time to also think about the floor and invest in an indispensible piece that you may have been neglecting until now – the bedroom rug. But which one is best? Match it to the season with a well-chosen natural lambskin rug whose thermoregulatory properties are well proven. For winter, we can’t recommend strongly enough a small tufted or even shagpile rug for even more warmth and softness. Of course, don’t forget that it’s also a decorative object and it’ll contribute to the harmony of your entire room.


Just because we sleep in the dark doesn’t mean we should forget about lighting in the bedroom. There are at least two main types – general and particular.

The first is mainly used while dressing for the day or the night and it’s usually oriented towards the dressing area. To structure the space, you can also create different points of illumination on a little dresser or chest of drawers, or close to a chair for reading outside of the bed…

Sconces or table lamps – either symmetrical for a more harmonious look or mismatching for a more dynamic look - contemporary or vintage, the choices are endless. Choosing a bedside lamp is an art, the final touch on your bedding masterpiece and an essential element for your comfort… and for the person with whom you share your nights. So, it’s foremost your needs that will guide your choice between a simple nightlight to lead you into bed at night, and a reading lamp that will prevent you from straining your eyes while allowing your partner to sleep.


So, are you ready to change everything?

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