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Get creative with trestles!

Life is never boring with trestles. And change is always in the air. With just a little creativity, you can design the perfect table or desk.

Graphic, geometric, architectural, paired down, classic, coloured, made from wood, metal... trestles are ideal sculptural elements for creating custom tables and desks. New bases and new combinations!


Of course, you can keep it symmetrical and traditional or you could disregard convention and create something truly original. Why not combine several different bases?


If you opt for this approach, choose a glass tabletop to showcase the different angles, textures and colours of the trestles. If you opt for a more conventional wooden tabletop, combine tone-on-tone colours to highlight the robustness and beauty of the material. You could shake things up a little by introducing elements of metal or colour. But what we really love about a trestle table is that if you don't like it, you can change it! As your decor changes, your trestle creations can change with it.

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