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Spring storage solutions

free up a little space!

Space has become a real asset, especially in cities. But it's not just about how many square metres you have but how you can use them to your advantage to gain extra space, through good organisation. Reorganising your home this spring? 

Think vertical


We tend to think of space only in terms of floor space but an apartment is also a volume. So, you can gain space by thinking vertical.


Keys, letters, loose change, post-it notes... in a small hall a wall-mounted organiser can be just as useful as a console table and it will take up far less space.


Is your bookcase full? Why not unclutter it and opt for several smaller bookcases (e.g. modular, metallic, vintage or contemporary) that you can hang on your walls like paintings. Whether used in the study, bedroom, or kitchen, they'll bring a touch of warmth to your walls.


And while the Shaker style is making a comeback, be inspired by the design ideas of this American religious community known for its plain but perfectly designed furniture and keen sense of organisation e.g. the peg rail.  In Shaker homes, these rails fitted with long pegs, might completely surround a room allowing the occupants to hang clothes and other objects high up and away from dust. Why not give this space-saving idea a go? You could opt for traditional wooden pegs or go more contemporary with metallic or even coloured pegs - almost creating a wall frieze.

Famous Shaker's Peg rails

News Board, Charles Kalpakian

Adams bed, Habitat

Occupy your space


Occupy your space! Rather than providing a sanctuary for fluff balls under your bed, use the space to store bedding and out-of-season clothes in drawers.


And don't forget about the space under the stairs: clear it out and turn it into a wardrobe, shoe tidy or original bookcase by opening up the space and adding shelves.

Thinking about a wall-mounted bookcase? Use the space under the first shelf to add a closed or open storage area e.g. a drawer. Be flexible! Do you have a small bedroom but a large bathroom? Why not keep essential items in your bedroom and create a dressing area in your bathroom - either custom made or by adding a hanging rail



There's nothing more we can tell you about chests of drawers, cupboards, bedside tables and sideboards - although we have some great ones at Habitat - but there is some really smart furniture out there to help you store your belongings in style.


Aren't coat stands a little old-fashioned?  Not at all. They now come in many shapes and forms and some even have integrated valet trays or resemble a modern sculpture. Liven up your hallway by using pegs of differing lengths and colours.

For living areas, we love multi-purpose furniture: bookcase + CD holder ( or whatever you want), a bookcase with doors, a closed sideboard with a glazed section and furniture you can arrange to suit your needs. 


Furniture can also be used to organise mixed-use spaces e.g. a bedroom/office or living room,by acting as a room-divider in the form of moveable shelves (Habitat Magna range) or if you're into DIY, use wooden cubes to structure space. 

Gilda, Habitat




Hide vs. show


Organisation is an important aspect of interior decoration.

Think about what you want to show and what you want to hide: books should, unlike documents, be on show ; pretty dinnerware, colourful spices and attractive cookery books can be shown off,while pots and pans are best kept out of sight… A shelf full of pretty perfume bottles can look great in a bathroom while toothbrushes are best tidied away in a beautifully designed holder. 

Magna, Habitat

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