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It’s where we relax, where we eat, drink, chat with friends, read, sleep, play, work, read the news… it’s where we live! Living rooms are more than ever “every aspect of living rooms” and the sofa in the centrepiece that sees all the everyday activities you do in your everyday life. Your sofa is part of your lifestyle.

It defines the room or even the apartment (especially if it’s a studio) and structures the space while organising the flow. This makes it even more important to choose one with strong ideas in mind – aesthetics and functionality.

I’m finally changing my sofa!


Find your perfect sofa.

Fabricor leather?

Of course, there’s the question of price. It’s better to have a sofa with a good quality fabric that’s durable and easy to maintain rather than leather that’s far too cheap and quickly becomes a disappointment. But with its undeniable retro charm and incomparable sensuality, quality leather brings a luxurious element to your living room so be prepared to be tempted.

Leather Sofa Baci 


Opt for cowhide or even buffalo for the best durability or choose calfskin if you’d like a little more finesse. In either case, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the provenance and the treatment of the leather, and of course, touch and feel the softness and the smoothness of the grain.

Leather is an organic material that demands specific maintenance, but with a little attention it’ll be a long-term companion.



Leather is an organic material that demands specific maintenance, but with a little attention it’ll be a long-term companion.


3 golden rules for looking after your leather sofa.

Rule n°1 

take care to avoid placing your sofa less than 30cm from a radiator and don’t expose the leather to direct sunlight (this applies to all materials that are subject to discolouration). Take this into consideration when arranging your room.


Rule n°2

Dust it off regularly and clean any marks as quickly as possible using a damp cloth.


Rule n°3

Beware of claws and fangs! Soft, fine leather marks easily and it’s just as attractive to our four-legged friends as it is to everyone else. If you use specific products to maintain your leather sofa it’ll last longer and be even more beautiful over time. 

Leather sofa Posada


Maintaining beautiful leather isn’t that complicated, but maintaining fabric really is child’s play. Speaking of children, if you have toddlers who still have trouble holding onto their spoons – or if you tend to eat your dinner on your sofa - we can’t advise you strongly enough to opt for sofa with a removable cover that you can give to professional cleaner if an accident happens.

If your priority is purely aesthetic and you choose a more complex design, tufted upholstery, for example, the fabric will usually be fixed to the sofa and without a doubt, you’ll have a larger choice of fabric. Velvet for the feeling of a boudoir? Wool felt for a warm, designer look? Woven fabric for something simple and modern? Some are more delicate than others, some are more difficult to maintain than others, and some are softer to the touch or simply more to your taste…

How to arrange?


More than a simple seat that can be easily arranged in a room, a sofa structures the space. Nothing is set in stone so don’t panic, but before making your decision, play the role of an interior designer and imagine the placement of your centrepiece and how it determines the flow of the living room (without forgetting the n°1 rule: protect against direct sunlight).


Does your living room have several different zones? Do you want to create defined spaces in a studio? A sofa can create a physical and symbolic separate office space while allowing light to pass through for a guaranteed loft effect. Take note, before making your decision on a sofa that will take its place in the centre of your room, take care to observe it from every angle including the back! And take precise measurements – to maintain a great flow and allow the space to breathe it’s recommended you leave a passage of at least 90cm around the furniture. 

In the living room, you can add a second sofa against a wall using a different colour or style (vintage + modern) to make the room feel more dynamic while optimising the space and creating a greater harmony with the composition of the furniture.

A corner sofa: covering several realities


3 ways to have a corner sofa


The “DIY” composition

mentioned above – two different sofas arranged at an angle with something between them such as a little side table for a lamp or a bouquet of flowers. This arrangement gives a personal charm to your living room that’s a little bohemian while allowing a vintage sofa (or even an old-fashioned one) to be the highlight. DIY pros will appreciate this solution.


The “L” shaped sofa

This is the smallest and most simple version of the corner sofa (although there are larger sizes too). Pre-made, you just need to choose between the right or left placement of the angle and you’ll have a convivial sofa that’s ideal for medium sized living rooms. You can also find convertible versions.


The modular sofa 

This absolute must-have is usually quite expensive but it’s perfect for large spaces while also being customisable from the top of the backrest down to the feet. One angle or two, with or without an armrest – everything is possible in every dimension to accommodate as many guests as you’d like. But again, it’s all about the use of space.

Modular sofa Reiko

Convertible sofa bed? Which one?


sofa? Are you looking for an extra bed that will be used only occasionally for friends staying over? Do you often have guests staying at your home? Is this where you normally sleep? Where do you imagine putting it in your home? In the living room? In front of a coffee table? In a spare bedroom? 

In addition to aesthetics, three main criteria preside over the choice of a convertible sofa, depending on its intended use:


seating comfort

sleeping comfort

how easy it is to open and close


Convertible sofa beds have developed significantly and it’s now possible to find models that don’t require an engineering degree to operate. 

However, the fact remains that seating comfort is still often at the expense of sleeping comfort (and vice versa) and some models are much easier to open and close than others.


If you’re looking for a spare bed in the living room, it’s easy – you should give preference to the aesthetic and seating comfort of the sofa and opt for a mattress appropriate for occasional usage with a thickness of 6cm.

However, for regular use as a bed you should ensure that the mattress is at least 10cm thick. For daily use, you should opt for a mattress at least 14cm thick. You’ll quickly realise that this isn’t negotiable. And neither is the simplicity of the mechanism used to open and close the sofa, especially in a studio or a living room. Fortunately, there are models that open and close in a snap (not to mention the convertible futon), but the best way choose one that works for you is to test its simplicity for yourself. 


Fortunately, there are models that open and close in a snap (not to mention the convertible futon), but the best way choose one that works for you is to test its simplicity for yourself. 

Canapé-lit Carl en tissu
Canapé-lit Carl en tissu

Convertible sofa bed Carl 

Leather or fabric, modular or not, regular or convertible - when making your decision the most important thing is to define your priorities and ensure they’re in line with your lifestyle and how you imagine using the centrepiece of your living room. If you’re still hesitating, nothing beats a little trip to the store to speak with an assistant from the comfort of your favourite sofa. 

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