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Fairy lights
are not just for Christmas!

Fairy lights at Christmas or on a special occasion always add a festive note. But they are also an affordable way to add a touch of sophistication to your home. Here are a few decoration ideas using fairy lights.


Create a focal point on your wall

With just a few nails, a pretty design and a string of fairy lights, add a subtle lighting effect to any room. The effect creates volume on a white wall.


Fairy lights made up of multi-coloured balls work particularly well. On a coloured wall, opt for white or beige-coloured lights.

Enhance key features

Fairy lights can be used to enhance structures: run them along a fireplace or sideboard for example. Be sure to choose fairly large lights or they may become 'lost' in the space.

Have you ever used fairy lights other than on a Christmas tree? Are you having a dinner party and looking for an original table setting?


Well look no further. To avoid cluttering the table or being too classic, instead of a table runner place a string of fairy lights along the length of your dining table. When placed on wood, the lights pick out details of the wood casting enchanting reflections. Opt for white and gold lights on a pale table and brighter colours on a dark table.

Chic table setting

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