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Escape to the country

Cities are second to none when it comes to culture, fine-dining and socialising but as the old saying goes 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'. Good news for city dwellers - the season of bank holidays is upon us and it's time to get out into the country.


Green vs grey


Industrial loft living may be stylish and sophisticated but an interior that relies heavily on metals and minerals can start to feel artificial especially when you live with it all year long. To avoid the uniform and clinical nature of some urban interiors, why not introduce organic and natural design elements into your city home? Take advantage of the warm summer days and introduce a fresh authentic style to your home breaking away from ultra trendy black-centric designs.


And if you've noticed the very natural designs adopted by some organic non-GMO restaurants, which are popping up all over our cities, you could be mistaken for thinking that country style living is the new loft living.


Green vs. grey: opt for natural woods and coloured cottons that recall a Sunday morning in the country rather than a rainy Monday in town.  

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Habitat vases from the 2017 Spring-Summer collection. View selection of vases here .

Mix and match


Who said authentic had to be rustic? Country style means living with the seasons, being inspired by the harmony of nature and using traditional furniture to add a touch of authenticity, simplicity and togetherness to modern interiors.


For example, mix pieces discovered in country antique fairs with untreated materials and contemporary designs to create a shabby chic look: a wooden food cupboard with screen door for your crockery, a tin milk churn, gingham fabrics, wicker baskets, enamelled and earthenware cookware, etc. This helps balance your decor (avoid the total look!) so you achieve a more natural look - a must when your looking for authenticity It's better to focus on a few good original pieces paired with contemporary designs in natural materials and soft colours (blue) that evoke nature (e.g. stylised floral patterns).  

Vase Jeane et panier Belal

Let's eat!

Pared down lines, generous proportions, solid wood, practical drawers and solid legs planted firmly in the ground, country   farmhouse tables are pleasing, understated and timeless as well as very beautiful. Whether you find yours at an antiques fair or at cabinet maker's (don't hesitate to hunt them out in their natural habitat and restore them to your taste) or opt for a more contemporary take on a classic design - the country table is the epitome of conviviality.


The table is the cornerstone of dinners with friends and deserves as much attention as what you place on it. "Pot luck suppers" where all the guests bring a dish: earthenware oven dishes, wooden chopping boards, wooden utensils and a pestle and mortar for spices all look great among assorted plates - this joyful mismatched tableau is almost a reflection of life itself.

This spring, enjoy the warm weather and escape to the country!

On Zeno table, Jao bowl and Home range

And for al fresco dining or an ad hoc supper with friends, opt for attractive picnic plates in melamine or recycled eco-friendly bamboo, which is light and easy to clean.

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