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Detox day

It’s your first contact with the day after getting out of bed and your last before returning to slip between the sheets, your own personal bubble, a temple of intimacy. The bathroom is a hermetically sealed sanctuary, an essential punctuation, and must be treated with the same respect as the other rooms of the house.


Forget the jumble of products that collect dust on a shelf – shampoo bottles cluttering the edge of a bath you’ll change “one day” – in a bathroom, even a bohemian one, the key words are clarity, harmony, and Zen. So to finish winter looking beautiful, give your secret garden a detox.

Max II furnitureHeho outdoor rug, Hada baskets. Habitat.

Natural materials

There’s an art to turning taking a shower, doing your hair and brushing your teeth into a beautiful experience! To create a veritable mini-spa just for you, opt for natural materials such as wood, rattan, cotton, glass or stone…

If you have a small space, a ladder towel rack allows you to store your towels vertically without wasting space. Similarly, you can look around for a small rattan shelf that’s practical, decorative and resistant against humidity while bringing an exotic note to your walls as it holds your perfumes and ointments.

Is your bathroom big enough to be a real room? Treat it like one and give it a dresser or a chest of drawers in a natural wood, as well as a stool or a little occasional chair for moments of relaxation.


Dare to use colour

Leave behind that wall-to-wall white that makes you look a little ill while invoking the feeling of a hospital rather than a Zen garden. Instead, choose a soft, soothing and welcoming base tone – grey, pebble, taupe or chocolate – and highlight with touches of more energetic tones inspired by the season such as blue bottles to evoke azulejos or a summer sky, vases featuring intense yellows such as saffron or lemon, and some greenery with plants that thrive in humid spaces…


Awakening the senses

It’s time to replace your towels so go for fluffy textiles that are soft to the touch and made from thick, quality cotton.

Also think about olfactory decoration by choosing room fragrances as well as candles or diffusers but make sure they’re light and in harmony with your preferred perfume.

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