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Curl up in style

There's no longer any particular trend in terms of colours so be guided by your instinct but don't go overboard, your bedroom should be calm and restful. You can play around with colour on the walls by using a slightly deeper hue on the wall behind your bed for example.


To soften this accent wall, add a soft modular headboard for extra cosiness. In terms of decoration, the bed is the key element. While maintaining the general harmony of the room, feel free to add accessories such as blankets, throws and cushions.


Once you're happy with the bed, experiment with the position of the pillows and introduce a personal touch by adding cushions in different colours and patterns. Express yourself and don't be afraid to create "organised" disorder - it will add comfort and style!


Turn your bedroom into a haven of cosiness far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Opt for high quality beautiful materials, padded headboards, sophisticated hues...

From top to bottom and left to right, find the right accessory in a Habitat store:


-Pair different textures such as this textured velvet (Aloise) cushion with luxurious Chambray Egyptian cotton bed linen

-Liven up a white bed cover with a brightly coloured cushion (here Alice in aniseed green).

-Add a graphic note to your bedroom by using patterned fabrics to add a touch of chic (Concettacushion).

-Mix and match different materials (Egyptian cotton bed linen) with subtle graphic patterns ( Delphina bed linen)

-Structure the space with a headboard. A well-designed cosy headboard adds a touch of sophistication to any bedroom ( Boudoir head board).

-Create a haven of comfort by mixing grey and beige tones and adding soft fluffy materials such as fake fur (Lapland  and Tundracushions and blankets).

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