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Brighten up your summer nights


After a somewhat slow start, summer is finally here! It is now up to us to light up our nights the way the sun lights up our days. 

When the natural light of the day vanishes, add more lights to show off the table and lose yourself in the branches of a tree. Bring out surprise and magic by turning on these bright lights cleverly scattered here and there: light strings hanging high, for example are festive and poetic, or small groups of tealights and lanterns create a dreamlike scenery. Place them strategically on a table near a pair of lounging chairs, at the corner of a large table, to gently brighten up the conversation that will continue until the end of the night.

Summer nights - and your lighting set up – are a continuity between day and night. To create a fresh and unusual transition, play around with the lights in the garden or on the balcony. Together, they become stars slowly forming constellations. Under the sun like under the stars, outdoor lights are both functional and stylish. 


The general lighting structure is made functional with its bright spots that help identify locations, highlight the staircase, show the way to the house, the location of the buffet ... 

Outdoor lights are, unlike indoor lighting, easy to move around:

let your imagination run wild and create your own midsummer night’s dream.

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