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Authentic Japan

Pure harmonious lines and beautiful materials are integral to the philosophy of authenticity that epitomises Japanese design and inspires us.



Introduce understated Zen-inspired designs into your home. Whether in a large or small space, inside or outside, opt for pure lines pairing black lacquered furniture with furnishings made from all natural fibres.

The Mingei folk art movement favours simple shapes, high quality materials and the use of ancestral artisanal techniques.


Be inspired by the minimalist pure lines originating from Zen Buddhism which characterise Japanese design so well. Opt for furniture with pure organic lines, use black & white and natural colours, and create interior and exterior layouts that embody visual and symbolic harmony and which follow codes as strict as those used in calligraphy.


In textiles, Sashiko is a much-loved form of embroidery and quilting traditionally used by Japanese villagers to repair and patch work clothes. The repeated graphic patterns continue to inspire modern designers.


The art of everyday living celebrating authenticity and elegance: this season, we are showcasing Japanese design in all its stylish simplicity.


Feldz range - pure, simple lines Pouffe in Faeko jute - natural design


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