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What's your dream bathroom? A haven of well-being, an intimate en suite affair or a large family bathroom? Of course, it all depends on how much space you have but that still leaves you free to choose the style: contemporary, retro, vintage, industrial, eclectic, exotic, etc. All that matters is that you are comfortable especially as we spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom! Even though bathrooms have certain codes and rules in terms of layout, you can still add your own personality.

A bathroom that expresses the inner you

And a touch of softness

If you have a tiled or parquet floor then rugs are a must. Opt for bath mats in areas likely to get splashed or, if you have the room, add a stylish rug to act as counterpoint to the clinical feel.  

Avoid clutter

A place for everything and everything in its place. Avoid mess and free up space, use vertical space to install cabinets, tower storage units, shelves and even storage cubes, which you can use like a bookcase. Keep open spaces free; keep beauty products out of sight and fill alcoves with neat stacks of towels for example. If your bathroom is large enough and you want to create a touch of quirkiness, add an old unpainted cupboard (or repaint in a colour of your choice) or a contemporary piece of furniture.

And only use beautiful towels!

Towels and bathrobes are vital for bathing and comfort. We like them soft and sophisticated. Create a harmonious look by choosing towels in the same colour palette or in a contrasting palette to jazz things up. Tip: look after your towels and replace them when they're past their best.

Agrandir l’espace

Le miroir, comme souvent, est votre allié. Comme surface murale il offre de la perspective à un espace réduit. De la porte d'armoire à pharmacie au miroir chiné en brocante, il se révèle indispensable au dessus de votre plan de toilette. À cela, vous pouvez ajouter un miroir en pied pour vous admirer sur toute votre hauteur. 

Create an atmosphere conducive to pleasure and well-being.

Bathrooms must be well lighted: use ceiling lights, wall lights or directional spots. After a stressful day, relax by creating an intimate atmosphere fragranced by scented candles. So, run yourself a bath, dim the lights, switch on your Bluetooth speaker and relax.

Play around with bathroom accessories.

Miscellaneous pots, soap and cotton wool dispensers, soap dishes, towel rails, bins, laundry hampers, etc. will add style to your bathroom. Go for harmonious tone-on-tone or mix and match styles and colours - whatever takes your fancy. Choose beautiful quality materials such as ceramic, natural stone, wood, rattan, chrome or glass. You could choose specially designed bathroom accessories or go against the norm with decorative objects such as vases, glasses, cups, candlesticks...

Create your own boudoir.

Bathrooms are intimate spaces where we cherish our solitude. If your bathroom is large enough, why not use it as a small living room by adding a comfortable high-design chair where you can rest after your bath. And the icing on the cake? A dressing table to create your very own beauty salon. (Read the article entitled:  The dressing table is back!)

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